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Cuvée PAUL


Our Classic wines convince with  a fruity and succulent style and represent the entry . They convey the diversity and typical flavours of our grape varieties, enhanced by the unique qualities of soils, exposures and climatic conditions in our vineyards.


Our Selections originate from grapes of vineyards with special terroirs. Strict selection and gentle vinification bring forth distinct and elegant wines with typical varietal notes and precise stylistics.

Alte Reben

The grapes of decades-old vineyards yield highly expressive wines. They vibrantly reflect the diversity of our terroirs and are carefully monitored on their way to maturity in order to achieve perfect harmony between freshness, succulence and complexity.


The name Lona derives from the appelation given by the inhabitants of Missiano to the church dedicated to Sant'Apollonia, which stands out above the vineyard from which the grapes of this Merlot.


The very essence of Pinot Blanc


Blanc de Blancs
Sparkling pleasure matured to perfection.

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