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From the very first sip

In 1907, a love for wine and their dedication to winegrowing prompted thirty-six farmers from St. Pauls, Missian, Eppan-Berg and Unterrain to take a joint step towards the future by founding the St. Pauls wine cooperative.

Flexibility was paramount in the first years of the cooperative as, until the completion of the new building, the grape harvest would be stored with private winegrowers as well as in the rented cellar space of the “Schwarzer Adler” inn. The originators finally managed to obtain two superimposed cellars, a fermenting cellar and a workroom, an office and an apartment for the use of the cellar master. Within a few years a further thirty members joined the pioneers in St. Pauls and the cellars were equipped with what was the latest machinery for the time. Dedication and passion were joined by quality as a new guiding principle. The following decades saw a growth not only in membership but also in the quantity of the grapes delivered and stored.

To permit a more delicate processing, the grapes have since the middle of the 1960s been introduced into vats or tubs in the wine cellar without mashing. Previously the usual process had been to tread the grapes in the vineyards with bare feet.

In the following years, new and updated working equipment, as well as the enlargement of the wine cellar buildings, allowed for constant further development and increased production, always with the strictest observance of quality, right until today. This convivial winemaking community today has over 200 farming members and at least two dozen employees, who collectively live their love for wine each day.

A journey through the history of a community

St. Pauls winery in figures

Wine cellar

A cellar of character for wines of character

The old walls of our winery also build bridges: from the grapes to the finished wine, from yesterday to today. Centuries-old traditions and the state of the art all combine to ensure each of our wines receives the right treatment – the depths of our wine cellar contain not only modern steel tanks, but also large, aged wooden barrels. Next to these, our leading red and white wines mature over the months and years in the small oak barrels of the barrique cellar in a perfect symbiosis of fruit and wood.

Historic cellars in the centre of St. Pauls

The old walls of the winery


A bunker for sparkling wine

Just outside the village, by the Paulsner Feld, our bunker has stood guard since 1937 – having never had (luckily) to fulfil its original purpose: indeed, after World War II it was actually inhabited for a short period of time. It was repurposed at the end of the 1970s, as the constant temperature and humidity inside the bunker has allowed it since 1979 to be used for the making of sparkling wine. Within the walls, several metres thick, over 70,000 bottles are stored: four different vintages of the much-prized Praeclarus.


We are the team of St. Pauls winery 


The St. Pauls winery counts over 200 members – 200 winegrowing families who, day by day and year by year, put all their efforts into the cultivation and upkeep of their vineyards, always aiming to create a solid foundation for excellent wines of different varieties.

Board of Directors

Our 11-member board of directors represents our members and will  be elected every 3 years.

 In the picture (L to R) 

Haas Oswald, Folie Karlheinz, Marschall Georg, Kager Alexander, Haas Dieter, Zublasing Alexander, Call Erika, Ohnewein Daniel, Mauracher Georg, Plunger Thomas;
Missing in the photo: Mederle Georg


Portrait photo Sales director Hermann Gamper
Hermann Gamper
Sales Manager

Hermann Gamper, our ambassador in the market. As a sales manager with many years of experience, he has an excellent rapport with our clients and is a skilled motivator for our sales team.

Dieter Haas

Dieter Haas, himself owner of a winery, has been elected President of St. Pauls Winery. He represents the cooperative externally and coordinates members, board of directors and management.  

Portrait photo Winemaker Wolfgang Tratter
Wolfgang Tratter

Wolfgang Tratter is the responsable winemaker at the St. Pauls Cooperative Winery. He bring all his passion and experience to bear in fusing traditional wine making techniques with modern cellar technology.  Together with the personnel in the cellar they form a perfect team, whose skills are reflected in the convincing quality of its wines.

Portrait photo Administrative Director Andergassen Peter
Peter Andergassen
Administrative Manager


The sales representatives, under the leadership of Hermann Gamper, set off every day to look after our customers and share with them our love of wine. They organise wine presentations, specialist tastings and more besides, while also assisting with order transactions.

 In the picture (L to R) 

Manuel Schwarz
Field sales, South Tyrol (West and South)
Tel: +39 0471 18 077 00 

Hermann Gamper
Sales director
Tel: +39 0471 18077 00

Jasmin Priller
Field sales, South Tyrol (East and North)
Tel: +39 0471 18 077 00

Wine store

Our wine store staff are on hand to offer you friendly and expert advice. You can taste and buy practically all of our wines all year round. We also know exactly which wine will suit each occasion or meal.

We also offer weekly wine seminars and other events such as vineyard tours or visits to the bunker where our sparkling wine is kept.

 You can find detailed information on our current events here.

You can find our opening hours here

 In the picture (L to R) 

Peter Rautscher
Anna Ebner (Wine Store Manager)
Tilo Bauer 
Carmen Mölgg

Tel: +39 0471 18077 10


The offices of the winery are staffed by nine employees and administrative director Peter Andergassen. This team manages all the winery’s administrative affairs and keeps in touch with clients, suppliers, official bodies and members.

In the picture (L to R): Alexandra Obkircher, Daniela Überbacher, Vera Raifer, Anita Marschall, Peter Andergassen, Gerlinde Morandell, Monika Burger, Elisabeth Zublasing

Alexandra Obkircher
Internal Sales, South Tyrol and Europe
Tel: +39 0471 18077 02

Daniela Überbacher (in maternity)
Internal Sales, Italy and Marketing
Tel: +39 0471 18077 01 

Vera Raifer
Reminders and Quality
Tel: +39 0471 18077 05

Anita Marschall
Tel: +39 0471 18077 13

Peter Andergassen
Administrative Director
Tel: +39 0471 18077 06

Gerlinde Morandell
Sales Assistant, Overseas
Tel: +39 0471 18077 03

 Monika Burger
Quality Management and Safety Issues
Tel: +39 0471 18077 05

Elisabeth Zublasing
Membership Affairs and Wine Legislation
Tel: +39 0471 18077 15

Missing in the photo:

Nicoletta De Paoli
Tel: +39 0471 18077 00


Our cellar team is headed by  Wolfgang Tratter. He and his staff accompany the wine, from advice in the vineyard to the delivery of the grapes, from the preparation and bottling of the wine right up to delivery to our customers.

 In the picture (L to R)

Klemens Schwarzer (Cellar Employee)
Francesco Angelini (Cellar Employee)
Konrad Zublasing (Bottling)
Patrick Friess (Cellar Employee)
Maximilian Morandell (Storeroom and Shipping)
Graziano Giuliani (Oenologist)

Wolfgang Tratter ( Winemaker)
Tel: +39 0471 18077 00

Kurt Ebner (Truck Driver)
Klaus Pircher (Director, Bottling)
Egon Gaiser (Cellar Employee)
Hannes Eisenstecken (Cellar Employee)
Walter Zublasing (Truck Driver)

Missing in the photo:
Alice Benecchi (Cellar Employee)
Michael Flor (Storeroom and Shipping)
Michael Runer (Storeroom and Shipping)
Johannes Pichler (agronomist)

Tel: +39 0471 18077 00

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