cultivation and production

The best conditions for excellent quality


Mindfulness, courage and community

These are the values that have accompanied us for generations through every single area of our wine production: even, or especially, during the cultivation process, as it is there that the sustainable and high-quality work begins – with the winegrowers in the vineyards. Only thanks to their commitment and willingness to continue absorbing and implementing new knowledge it is even possible for us to produce to such a high standard.

Factors characterising our production guidelines and common to all our winegrowers:

- a precise choice of clones and stocks to ensure ideal adaptation to the soil and climatic conditions
- careful working in the vineyards and integrated winegrowing
- continuous internal and external training and collaboration with partners from the research and teaching sectors

Poppies in the vineyard

Our entire production and office areas have modern, energy-efficient machinery (energy saving certificate). Waste disposal, wastewater treatment and air emissions all meet the latest EU environmental regulations. We use heat recovery technology in our production.
Since 2010 we have also had a 700-m² photovoltaic system that provides around 60% of our electricity requirements.

The cellar on the other hand dates back to 1907, and its four-floor layout was very innovative for its time – the entire pressing process is gravity-aided over a height of 22 metres. This reduces the use of pumps, meaning a more delicate treatment of the wine and the saving of unnecessary energy use.


We not only impose high quality standards on ourselves in our work at the winery: we are also IFS-certified (International Food Standard) and thus meet the highest standards in the area of foodstuffs production and safety.

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