The wine village of st.pauls

The heart of Überetsch


A symbiosis of wine, people and village

Amidst a picturesque, hilly vineyard landscape, at the foot of the steeply rising Mendel range, lies a very special place – the wine village of St. Pauls! Its medieval centre is characterised by deep cellars, the main square with its impressive church tower – and our 100-year old winery building close by. Where could the connection between wine, people and village be stronger than here?

The historic settlement of St. Pauls nestles amidst the vineyards of Oltradige, marked by sunny days and cool nights. The vineyards in fact extend right into the village. Everywhere – whether in the village locations or in the vineyards higher up – our vines thrive on extremely fertile soils, protected by the Alps to the north. The Rhaetian peoples and then the Romans recognised the beneficial climate and excellent soil conditions of this landscape for winegrowing and later, in the High Middle Ages, there was a fierce rivalry for the possession of winegrowing farms: the juice of the vine was even then a much sought-after source of income.

St. Pauls “cathedral”

A symbol of community

Regardless of the vineyard in which you are standing, the bells of the St. Pauls “cathedral” with its Baroque spire can be heard and seen everywhere. Hardly a surprise, as the “Cathedral in the Countryside” rises proud and imposing amongst the narrow medieval alleys of St. Pauls. Its mighty size catches the eye from near and far and it also forms a magnificent centrepiece to the village – at the same time serving as our logo, embodying the togetherness of the village community.

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