Inauguration: August 14. 2021

Wednesday, September 01 2021

We completed the renovation of our historic winery.

As the most aficionados of you will know, Cantina San Paolo has finally completed a long renovation process that not only involved the wine line, but also the winery building itself.

Despite August and the very high temperatures, we wanted to open the doors of the winery to all our members - our founding community - and show them the results of the renovation. The cellar has been embraced by a new structure that completes it with new elements. The panoramic room, which looks from the imposing Sciliar over the Bolzano basin to Appiano Monte, and the new large tasting room above the wine shop.

The offices have also been redesigned and are now located on the top floor of the historic building on an area of ​​about 400 square meters, under the original beams of 1907.

The warehouse was enlarged in order to simplify logistics, while the winery had already been equipped with a four-line unloading station in 2018 that allows optimal and delicate processing of the grapes.

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