Change of president in St. Pauls winery

Wednesday, December 04 2019

The newly elected president, Dieter Haas, succeeds Leopold Kager.

After 22 years as president of St. Pauls winery  and over 30 years on the board, Leopold Kager retires from all offices and hands over the chair to the newly elected president Dieter Haas, who was able to get the most votes at the general assembly on November 23, 2019.

Leopold Kager has experienced ups and downs in the wine industry in over 3 decades and has collected a lot of experience. Most recently, the cooperative was able to line up for several record years consecutively. 

The newly elected board thanks on behalf of all members and employees for their tireless efforts and the longstanding commitment.
The new chairman Dieter Haas looks positively into the future, which will soon be ushered in with a complete relaunch of the product lines:
"Leopold has given us a well-run company, which we pay particular attention to our vision` We share Joie De Vivre - from generations past and for generations to come. ”
Haas Dieter will now represent the winery as President for the next 3 years. He is assisted by Vice President Kager Alexander and the newly elected Board  of directors with Call Erika, Folie Karlheinz, Haas Oswald, Marshal Georg, Mauracher Georg, Mederle Georg, Ohnewein Daniel, Plunger Thomas and Zublasing Alexander.

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