Alte Reben, four great wines from old vineyards

Wednesday, May 26 2021

Kalkberg, Schliff, Lehmont and Lagröll are the four new wines of Cantina San Paolo. These wines come from vines that are at least 30 years old, located on the most suitable terroirs for their cultivation.

They are called Kalkberg, Schliff, Lehmont and Lagröll, and they are the four new wines of Cantina San Paolo and are the precious fruit of decades old vines, which for generations have played the fundamental role of custodians of the winemaking history of Kellerei St. Pauls. These old vines, "Alte Reben" from the German, are located on the land best suited to their varieties and their root system develops in depth, seeking all the elements most useful for vigorous growth full of potential.

The vineyards surrounding the town and the Cantina di San Paolo are characterized by a great variety of exposures, altitudes - from 300 to 700 meters above sea level - and land compositions. Each grape variety finds its ideal habitat on the porphyry, clay, sand, loess substrates, morainic deposits and dolomitic rocks precipitated by Gantkofel, the very steep wall that rises above San Paolo.

KALKBERG Pinot Bianco 2019

The name of our KALKBERG is inspired by the dolomitic-limestone soils on which the vines grow and the appellation of Eppan-Berg.

SCHLIFF Sauvignon 2019

The name SCHLIFF of our Sauvignon Blanc refers to the remaining glaciation line and the mineral soils present around the Gfill area.

LEHMONT Pinot Nero 2018

The clayey soils - from the German “Lehm” - and the area of ​​Eppan-Berg (“Mont”) give the name to this Pinot Noir.

LAGRÖLL Lagrein 2018

The name LAGRÖLL of our Lagrein Riserva is a play on words that derives from the Lagrein grape and from the Magröll area of ​​origin, which protrudes over the Bolzano basin.

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