Tuesday, January 17 2023

The common path in Cantina San Paolo began in 2006 and will end in January 2023, after almost 17 years of cooperation.

A change is imminent at the Cantina San Paolo: winemaker Wolfgang Tratter is now taking over responsibility for the Arunda sparkling wine cellars in Meltina and will leave its historical role in the community of San Paolo. His professional adventure in San Paolo began at a time when the winery needed major innovations, and he immediately sensed the potential of the vineyards located around the village and focused his work on the variety/site character. Over the years, his work brought many developments and so the production constantly expanded according to the increasing quality required by the markets, always prioritizing the white grape varieties and in particular the Pinot Blanc. One of the best-known wines is the Pinot Blanc Riserva Sanctissimus, which comes from a vineyard with vines over 100 years old and is fermented and aged on its own grape skins for maximum characterization.

For many years, Tratter has been a reference in San Paolo. The members of the winery found in him a person who was always accessible and attentive to everyone's different needs. The employees of the winery also found a person who, with a lot of experience, has constantly introduced new development opportunities.

For the winery, he wishes to the management "the courage to come up with new ideas, the necessary attention towards all employees and members when implementing these ideas and a common self-confidence if these ideas are successful".

The management and the new chairman Bernhard Leimegger would like to thank Wolfgang Tratter for the years he spent in Cantina San Paolo and for the passion that always shaped his work. They wish him a future full of happiness in his new leadership role at Arunda and are confident that he can lead the famous sparkling wine house to new successes. The Cantina San Paolo is now on the way to filling the role of cellar master so that the success story may continue.

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