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Thursday, December 01 2022

Cantina San Paolo: togetherness, mindfulness and courage

The bond with our wine growing families is what sets us apart. With them and thanks to them, we experience wine in our daily lives, and we take care of the vines, grapes and wine year after year. Ein Dorf lebt Wein - A village that lives wine.

Our new video talks about our winery values: togetherness, mindfulness and courage.

Throughout the year we work closely with our members, closely observing and advising the work in the vineyard with the aim of helping them to guarantee a high quality of the grapes, which is essential for obtaining the wines that characterize our territory. We are aware that, year after year, we can improve and that, with a pinch of courage, we can achieve ever more ambitious goals. The video echoes the sounds of life in the vineyards and of the traditional work that has been carried out consistently for generations, always by hand and with great commitment. We wanted to represent the journey of the grapes from the vineyard to the cellar, the delicate processing they undergo and the pleasure that comes from tasting a good bottle.

Several days of shooting and a lot of patience to find the perfect moment and climatic conditions, a soundtrack that wants to excite. Thanks to the professional touch of Jan Palma, we present ourselves with a new guise.

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