The cradle of wine: the terroir

A wine should be an expression of its origin - its terroir - in which the climate, soil conditions, tradition and attitude to life of the region are combined. It should reflect the extraordinary character of the sites where the grapes are grown, and St. Pauls is one of the most beautiful wine growing areas in South Tyrol. 

The grapes ripen under perfect climatic conditions on the area’s slopes and hillsides. It is a simple matter here to find the correct location for each variety of vine in order to enable it to develop its full strength and fruit. Protected by the Alps and benefiting from 1800 hours of sunshine a year, with very warm days and cool nights during the ripening period, the varied growing sites proved a wide range of high quality, fully ripe grapes.
This is where the foundation for excellent quality is laid.


We are the staff of the Winery St. Pauls.

The management team and its employees.

Management Team


Dieter Haas, himself owner of a winery, has been elected President of the St. Pauls Winery. He represents the cooperative externally and coordinates members, board of directors and management.




Wolfgang Tratter are the responsable winemaker at the St. Pauls Cooperative Winery. He bring all his passion and experience to bear in fusing traditional wine making techniques with modern cellar technology.  Together with the personnel in the cellar they form a perfect team, whose skills are reflected in the convincing quality of its wines.


Managing Director

Hermann Gamper, our ambassador in the market. As a sales manager with many years of experience, he has an excellent rapport with our clients and is a skilled motivator for our sales team.


Director of Operations

Peter Andergassen






Wine shop

ATTENTION: Due to the current situation our Wine-Shop and Winebar remains closed until further notice.

We ask for your understanding!


Unlimited variety

The wine making village of St. Pauls is always worth a visit. Our expert staff will be pleased to provide you with comprehensive advice to help you select your wines. In our salesroom we present you with wines that you may not find on the shelves anywhere else. The sophisticated, refined atmosphere offers you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with and acquire the products of St. Pauls Cooperative Winery. Taste what you would like to buy; we will be pleased to provide you with expert advice to ensure that every purchase is an experience for you!


Winter OPENING HOURS until 3rd April 2020
MON-FRI from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm, from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm, SAT from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm

Summer OPENING HOURS from the 4th April 2020 to the 31st of October 2020 
MON-FRI from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm, SAT from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm 


The Wine shop is closed on Sundays and public holidays!



Tel. +39 0471 18077 10



Sustainability - an issue of great importance at the St. Pauls Winery

Our definition of sustainability

For us at the St. Pauls Winery - the management, winegrowers and employees - sustainability means each generation assuming responsibility for the future, without our current actions creating obstacles to future development opportunities. In particular this means ensuring human health, care of the vineyards, and protection of the environment.

We feel a responsibility towards future generations, for our children and our grandchildren... we would thus like to make a measured contribution to improving our future by means fo our current actions, all along the production chain:






Winegrowing - Cellaring - Marketing - Sales


The interlinking and balancing of the three pillars of ecology, economics and society represent the foundations for sustainability and add up to a quality-oriented, socially committed enterprise. For us quality too is a central issue, a necessary aspect related to effective and efficient process management.

The complete symbiosis of these four points ensures that we can produce high-quality regional wines for the consumer, all with a clear conscience. 








The tree pillars of sustainability


"Quality is a never ending journey"


Our winery works to self-imposed high quality criteria and is certified to the IFS, the "International Food Standard", the highest standards in the field of food and drink production.

So we guarantee to deliver the best quality, and also to constantly strive improvements.


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