Social aspects

The St. Pauls Winery is based on the co-operative principle, which aims to promote the social welfare of its members (winegrowers) by means of common business operations. But an enterprise can only be as good as its employees, and we are therefore very concerned to foster the education and training of our employees in order to develop their strengths still further. We are proud of our long-term employee relationships, a sign that we offer a friendly, balanced workplace that is a haven from crisis.

It is a matter of great importance to us to ensure fair dealings and successful collaboration with our employees, our customers and our suppliers.

Our flat hierarchical structure means that employees can always talk directly to management and will also always be promptly informed of changes, thus allowing decisions to be implemented faster.

In order to permanently reduce the workplace and health risks to our employees, visitors and customers, our winery has now been certified to ISO 45001 standard, a further indication that our enterprise gives priority to health and safety at work.

The payment of the minimum wage, the right to annual leave, avoidance of overtime, adherence to statutory employment guidelines and constant further training, as well as company holidays and outings are all for us constituent parts of the “work-life balance”, which is reflected daily in the friendliness and motivation of our employees in their work.

“Sustainability cannot be a doctrinaire set of rules imposed from above, but should rather become a habitual and integral part of our life.” 

Our winery has participated in an employee survey, which was conducted on behalf of the Business Pool GmbH from APL Institute. Theme was the satisfaction of employees in the company. Analysis of the questionnaires showed a very good result, on which we are very proud.

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