Economic aspects

The winegrowing village of St. Pauls is located in one of South Tyrol’s most beautiful winegrowing regions. Wine has always played a central role here and is highly appreciated in both the culture and traditions of the local population. Above the village stands the Mendel Ridge, with its gentle slopes offering ideal conditions – namely an ideal microclimate with warm days and cool nights for the grapes to ripen – for the vineyards of the St. Pauls Winery.




In order to carry on successful winegrowing on a long-term basis while taking account of future needs, it is vital for the appropriate resources to be available. Only if our winegrowers supply us with their perfectly matured grapes can we continue to produce our high-quality wines. The relationship between winegrowers and winery is therefore a cycle that will only continue to work if both sides are satisfied.







Satisfying and maintaining our winegrowers’ economic future (which includes paying fair prices for the grapes harvested) and the handover of farms from generation to generation are for us very important factors in ensuring the advancement of our enterprise.





Recognising the strengths and limits of the respective potentials for yield and savings is a substantial aspect of profit-oriented farming. It is therefore essential that any steps taken towards sustainability also produce positive economic effects, as only a healthy enterprise can maintain its market presence and constantly make new investments. 








Merger of wine lines




Reducing vine yields and thus constantly increasing quality is critical to the price positioning and sale at the right price of our wines. In 2013 the St. Pauls Winery became the first in South Tyrol to reduce its range and thus take a further step in the direction of quality. The three previous lines – CLASSIC, EXCLUSIVE and PASSION – were merged into two wine lines. This quality approach indicates the winery’s desire to offer its customers greater simplicity and clarity. The aim was to give more emphasis to the typical South Tyrolean vines and wines and to increase quality on a sustainable basis.







Software supported programs

Innovative techniques and computer-assisted programs are nowadays part and parcel of everyday life. We make use of this technical age and its benefits to ensure that we will always conform to deadlines and industrial safety processes. The introduction of ASIX management software (workplace and environmental protection) allows us to input data and monitor various aspects regarding management, personnel, work materials, prevention & improvement as well as in regard to different projects.


It is not a question of using your head to knock a hole through the wall,

but rather of using your eyes to find the door.”

Werner von Siemens




Future prospects

Our next goal is to extend the winery. The winery buildings, which date back to 1908, will in the coming years be converted and extended over several stages. Particular attention will be paid here to the use of healthy and environmentally friendly materials, co-operation with local companies and harmonious integration into the local landscape of St. Pauls, as well as stylish integration into the historical structure of the winery.


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