The wine cellar

Tradition and modernity

We constantly strive to achieve harmony between tradition and technical progress in order to develop wines of special quality and distinctive character. Your enjoyment is our aim!

On the one hand our cellar is characterised by tradition and cultural heritage, and on the other by cutting edge technology. New steel tanks between old walls - this is symbolic of the interaction between old and new in the St. Pauls Cooperative Winery. The art lies in the achieving the right balance.

In addition to the steel tanks, the cellar of the St. Pauls Cooperative Winery also contains large wooden barrels and small barriques, so that the right maturing method can be utilised in keeping with the characteristics of each variety. The winery’s barrique cellar is a little gem. Here the most valuable and highest quality vintages are matured in French oak barrels.
It is not just the great red wines that are stored and matured here over the course of months and years. St. Pauls’ great white wines also receive their finishing touches and achieve perfection here in the barrique cellar. The result is complex wines that display the perfect relationship between fruit and wood.

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