Matured to perfection

The principle of tried and tested, traditional and gentle grape processing is successfully combined on four levels with the most up-to-date technology here. The mash is unloaded on the top floor.

The grapes fall down from above, with no mechanical movement squashing them unnecessarily. They then land on the next floor down in the fermenting cellar. Here they are traditionally fermented at controlled temperatures. Depending on the vintage and quality, maturation takes place with natural acid decomposition in the stainless steel barrels or on the floor below in wooden barrels. A further floor lower down, where there is a constant temperature and humidity all year round, the highest quality wines are matured to perfection in barrique barrels.

The grapes thus achieve their finished state and reach perfection in the appropriate barrel in the gentlest of fashions. This careful handling guarantees that the characteristic features of the grapes are fully accentuated. Ancient values, new technology – the best results.

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