Alto Adige Spumante DOC - METODO CLASSICO

In an old military bunker, surrounded by the Oltradige, Wolfgang Tratter preserves his precious spumante. He is chief winemaker at the San Paolo winery and is working on his new jewel: PRAECLARUS Brut, a spumante setting its sights on a world-class rating.

The strong selection of the grapes of Chardonnay gives the creaminess and the necessary structure to the new sparkling wine. The combination of these components results in a product of extreme elegance. After bottling, and the traditional bottle fermentation, Praeclarus matures for 48 months on fine lees.

At San Paolo winery, all the grapes for the wine base come exclusively from selected locations on deep limestone soil and at an altitude of between 450 and 500 meters, ideal conditions for the production of the sparkling wine base. "The perfect combination of all of these conditions allows us to produce this unique Praeclarus Brut," Tratter says passionately.


Prizes 2019:

Falstaff Sparkling Special: 91 Points


Prizes 2018:

 Vinibuoni d´Italia: Corona - Perlage d´Italia

 falstaff: 91 Points

 Bibenda: 4 Grapes

 Luca Maroni: 86 Points

 I Vini di Veronelli: 88 Points

22,70 €
0,75 L
52,00 €
1,50 L

Quality, authenticity and innovation

Absolute quality, authenticity and innovation are
the priorities which, for years, distinguish
the philosophy of Cantina San Paolo,
applied to the top wines and the
extraordinary sparkling wine Praeclarus.
In 1979, in San Paolo, pioneers bottled the
first bottles of the traditional method Praeclarus.

Today, 35 years later, this noble nectar has broken
new ground in the spirit of innovation, but remains
strong in its traditions. The people responsible for the
Cantina San Paolo have laid the foundation
for the new Praeclarus Brut, a refined elite product
intended to establish itself in the top segment.

… 48 months later

... the Praeclarus Brut appears as a character and high-class product, in the style of the great French champagne. Once in the glass, it develops a fine but intense perlage. The multifaceted bouquet features fruity aromas of apricot, white peach and citrus, with hints of fresh flowers and a freshly baked brioche aroma. On the palate convinces by its complex structure, fruity and juicy, for the creamy smoothness and intense and refreshing aftertaste: a truly exclusive pleasure!

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