The benefit wine for „Südtirol hilft“


Passion project

This year, St. Paul’s Winery is excited to create the charity wine LUMINA in partnership with “Südtirol Hilft”. “Südtirol Hilft” provides support to those in our community who are the most in need, and St. Paul’s Winery is proud and honoured to work with them in crafting a truly unique wine for a cause that is so near to our hearts and homes.

Our winery has long shared a strong connection with Südtirol Hilft, particularly through the work of our former President, Leopold Kager, who serves as Vice President of the organization. This year we are delighted to work with them in the creation of LUMINA. The net proceeds from the sale of LUMINA will go towards funding community support carried out by “Südtirol Hilft”.

 The special, limited edition LUMINA, is a blend of Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. “This special wine is only available until Christmas, and thus becomes a true rarity.” said Heiner Feuer, President of “Südtirol Hilft”. “It brings joy not only to connoisseurs but also to he people who can be helped with the proceeds from the sale.”

Additionally, the label on the bottles of LUMINA was created by local grafic - designer Daniela Kröss. For three days, listeners of Südtirol 1 and Radio Tirol had the opportunity to vote for a label designed specifically to highlight the special nature of LUMINA and the positive motivation behind the wine’s creation. Kröss’ label, which drew inspiration from the name LUMINA, meaning light, was a natural standout among a field of worthy submissions. Adorned with a bright gold dust which symbolizes hope in the darkness, the label serves to reflect the distinctive character and backstory of this year’s charity wine. “The label fits perfectly with the entire campaign and with our wine, giving it a clear identity,” stated our Master Winemaker, Philipp Zublasing.

Südtirol hilft

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